Hines provides a complete line of Upsets for use with "POP-OFF" flasks.  Upsets increase the height of the cope or drag.  Upsets also increase flask strength by adding a greater number of flanges.  Hines Upsets are available for use with Lightweight, Medium Weight, Heavy Duty, and Extra Heavy Duty Flasks. The quality of Hines Upsets equals that of all other Hines products - the very best!


Flask Length: lightweight, medium weight, 12" to 24"; heavy duty, extra heavy 12" to 48"
Flask Width: lightweight, medium weight, 10" to 24"; heavy duty, extra heavy 10" to 48"
Larger sizes available - prices on request.
Upset Depths: 1 ", 2", 3"', 3½", 4", 4½", 5", 5½", 6"
Upset Tapers: Standard tapers 3°, 4° and 5°
Flange Width: lightweight, 1 "; medium weight, 1 " for 1 " and 2" depths - 1 ¼" for 3" depths and over, heavy duty, 1½"; extra heavy, 2"

Two types of Upsets, as shown above, are supplied for use with Hines "POP-OFF" flasks.  Upset A, 1 " or 2" deep, have no "POP-OFF" mechanism. Opposing corners are cast so that the Upset, when bolted to a flask, opens and closes with the flask.  Upset B, 3" deep and over, come standard with "POP-OFF" mechanisms.
The heavy duty Hines "POP-OFF" flask, above, is 36" x 36" x 30".  The six sections - cope, drag and four upsets - are opened and closed quickly as a single unit by means of the exclusive Hines clevis corner mechanism.
Turning the handles at both corners is the only operation necessary to open the entire flask for removal.