Lightweight "POP-OFF"® FLASKS
You'll profit from much longer flask life with a HINES "POP-OFF" flask. It's built exceptionally rugged to begin with. And, there's no need to hammer the flask for removal from the mold. Simply move the levers and off it pops!  This feature makes it especially suitable for molds made with synthetic sand mixtures, where hard ramming is necessary.
Serrations on the inside surface eliminate the need for sand strips - cope and drag sand is anchored so firmly there's no possibility of shift from vibration.  These serrations also provide for perfect venting of the mold.
LIGHTWEIGHT "POP-OFF" flasks are recommended only for light squeezer work.  For high production cope and drag work, see the following pages on MEDIUM WEIGHT, HEAVY DUTY, EXTRA HEAVY DUTY and TEXAS STYLE "POP-OFF" FLASKS.

Material: Aluminum or Magnesium
Lengths: every inch, 12" to 24" (inside of parting)
Widths: every inch, 10" to 24" (inside of parting)
Depths: Cope: 4", 4½", 5", 6", 8"
               Drag: 3", 3½", 4", 5", 6"
Other depths obtained by adding Upset Frames to cope and/or drag.
Taper: 3°, 4° or 5°    Flanges: 1 " wide
Facings: Steel, top of cope. Aluminum, bottom of drag.
"Pop-Off" Levers: move up or together, to locked position.
Handles, Trunnions: not available for this type of flask.

Double round pins and guides-flask length plus 2¾"
Single round or hex pins, guides or bushings-flask length plus 3¾"
"V" pins and guides (apex to apex)-flask length plus 4¼" All pins, guides and bushings are HINES STANDARDS only
Machined pads for customers to attach their own pins.