Hines "FOUNDRITE" non-asbestos lined jackets are the most efficient on the market and economical to keep in service.  They are the most widely used jackets in the industry.  The "FOUNDRITE" lining protects the jacket in the event of a mold "bust-out."  Spill shields can be provided as an option to add to the protection of the jacket in case of spillage.  All Hines jackets, like Hines flasks, are fixture-built.
Hines jackets are perfect teammates for Hines flasks.  Together they form a combination that is unexcelled for economical quantity production of high-quality castings.
"FOUNDRITE" non-asbestos liners are replaced by the removal of old rivets and riveting in new liners.  Removal of four bolts permits easy replacement of any side.
Material: Cast Iron or Cast Aluminum with "FOUNDRITE" Lining
Jacket Lengths: Measured at parting line of mold 10" to 48"
Jacket Widths: Measured at parting line of mold 10" to 48"
Jacket Taper: Standard tapers are 3, 4, and 5
Jacket Depths: Standard depths are 4 ½", 6", 8", and 10"
Other sizes and depths available. Prices on request.
Optional Equipment: One or two man handles as specified.  Tubing reinforcements for jackets over 36" in length, and steel spill shields are available at extra cost.


Hines "FOUNDRITE" non asbestos lined jackets with spill shields protect jacket sides from metal spillage during pouring. These spill shields are available with any Hines jacket.