Heavy-Duty and Extra Heavy-Duty "POP-OFF"® FLASKS
HINES HEAVY DUTY "POP-OFF" flasks are distinguished by their rugged construction-for long, trouble free service. Fixture-built for accuracy, they insure better molds and hold scrap to a minimum. And, they provide exclusive mechanical advantages-reinforcing ribs outside for strength, waffled design inside to anchor sand firmly-plus the familiar "POP-OFF" mechanisms that permit easy flask removal, without hammering, to help minimize flask maintenance.
These flasks may be equipped with either the regular No. 70 "POP-OFF" handles as in flask below, or the CA03 clevis closing mechanism shown at left. The clevis arrangement speeds up the opening and closing of flask sections, provides larger openings and eliminates the usual strain on flask and pins when flask is opened. Handles, trunnions and special reinforcing as required.


Material: Aluminum or Magnesium
Lengths: every inch, 12" to 48" (inside of parting)
Widths: every inch, 10" to 48" (inside of parting)

Depths: Cope: every ½ inch, 4" to 9" and 10"
               Drag: every ½ inch, 3" to 9" and 10"
Other flask depths obtained by adding Upset Frames to cope and/or drag.
Taper: 3°, 4° or 5°
Flanges: 1½" wide to 30", 2" wide for 31" and over.
Facings: 1/8" cold rolled steel, top of cope, bottom of drag. 1/8" facing at joint line or ¼" facing on any or all flanges, as specified, at extra cost.
Flasks over 36" long: ¼" steel facings recommended at joint line and all other flanges, and reinforcing pipe at sides, at extra cost.
"Pop-Off" Levers: No. 70 levers are standard equipment and move up, or together, to locked position. Clevis assemblies extra.
Handles: Available when specified.
Trunnions: Split aluminum trunnions for use on "Rota-Lift"® , and Rol-N-Rap® machines, steel trunnions for rollover applications, at extra cost.

Double round pins and guides-flask length plus 2¾"
Single round or hex pins, guides or bushings-for flasks with 1½" flanges-flask length plus 3¾" for flasks with 2" flanges-flask length plus 4½"